6.7m to 8.7m Youngman SGB Boss Clima 1450mm x 2.5m Double Width Aluminium Scaffold Tower

6.7m to 8.7m Youngman SGB Boss Clima 1450mm x 2.5m Double Width Aluminium Scaffold Tower

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The Boss Clima system has truly set the bar very high and although others try to imitate the distinction is immediately obvious. Due to the success of Boss and its long standing number one position in the market, the product has evolved to ensure optimum safety, reliability, stability and many user friendly features.

We only supply complete 3T Spec Boss Clima scaffold towers in accordance with the manufacturer and PASMA recommendations. This is a very important point as some of our competitors lay claims to being better than Boss which is an industry joke, if the truth be known, it consists of very few components and very clever wording regarding conformity. Lives are at stake so all we ask is that you do your due diligence and compare the amount of components included with our 3T Spec Boss towers. This is why we clearly list below all of the components included with each tower and as for the quality, well, see for yourself.

At Tradex Tools we have been specialising in the Boss system for many years and can proudly say we are the leading UK independent supplier. We stock every single Boss component and service many hire companies throughout the UK. All our towers and components are ready for immediate despatch with over 95 percent received next working day. Our price promise We will not be beaten on brand new genuine Boss components or towers simple as that.


1450mm wide double width
2.5m Long 8 ft
6.7m Platform height
7.7m Tower height top of guardrail
8.7m Working height safe, comfortable reach
Manufactured in the UK to, and certified BS 1139 PART3 1994
3T Specification latest method of construction
Patented colour coded brace hook for the most secure grip
250mm rung spacing for safe and easy access
Ribbed rung tubing for non slip grip
305 Kg weight


4 x 150mm Heavy duty locking castors
4 x Adjustable leg jacks with 250mm of height adjustment
6 x 8 Rung Clima frames 2 metres
2 x 6 Rung Clima frames 1.5 metres
2 x 2.5m Fixed platforms
3 x 2.5m Hatch platforms
14 x 2.5m Horizontal red clip braces
12 x 2.7m Diagonal blue clip braces
4 x SP10 Telescopic stabilisers
2 x 2.5m Side toeboards
2 x 1.2m End toeboards
4 x Toeboard holder clips
1 x User guide

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