PRO-GRP 6.3/8.3m Fibreglass Scaffold Tower


PRO-GRP 6.3/8.3m Fibreglass Scaffold Tower

Product no.: PROGRP63
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The PRO-GRP Fibreglass Tower is ideal for use in environments where there is any risk of exposure to chemicals or electrical power.

Constructed from inert, corrosion resistant fibreglass this product offers a safe, stable and reliable platform fully compliant with the requirements of the Working at Height Regulations 2005.

As a super light-weight product this tower is extremely easy and quick to assemble. The Tower's modular design allows the method of assembly to be completed using the Health and Safety Executive's, (HSE), recommended 3T Assembly Method (Through The Trap).

Lightweight, easily manoeuverable and easy to transport the product is competitively priced and together with it's exceptional corrosion resistance and safety, this tower offers a real option to more traditional aluminium scaffolds and platforms.

This product is electrically safe, light weight, inert, corrosion resistant and non-conductive of heat and cold, making it ideal for use within extreme conditions and environments. The products high visibility also contributes to it's safety for on-site deployment and use.

The Mobile Glassfibre Scaffold Tower is available in both single and double width configurations. The frame widths is 700mm frame heights are 1.0m and 1.5m respectively. The heavy duty castors are 200mm diameter size. Rung centres are 250mm and the tube outside diameter is 50.8mm. The platform lengths are 2.4m.


4 x Adjustable castors
2 x 4 Rung frames 1.0m
8 x 6 Rung frames 1.5m
4 x 2.4m Hatch platforms
16 x 2.4m Horizontal braces
2 x Guardrail Frames
8 x 2.6m Diagonal braces
4 x Large telescopic stabilisers
1 x Toeboard kit
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